Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Work Them THIS FRIDAY at Kraak

Work Them returns to Kraak this actual Friday (14th), for a non-Valentines evening of music that is nonetheless full of groove, feeling and perhaps the occasional smudge of romance... In terms of record selection, nobody does this sound better than our pal Patrick Ryder of Piccadilly Records, special guest for this edition of the party.

Patrick's all wax mix ('with the ruff stuff left in') can be found below and covers future classics from the likes of Andrew Ashong and Greg Beato through to irresistible, classic releases courtesy of Prince and DJ Nature. It's a snip at just over an hour long, and a free download too...
 You can also find John Loveless' latest mix here, another free download featuring music from East India Youth, Special Request, Soulphiction and more. Patrick, John and new Work Them pal Dan Coultas will be taking it in turns and pushing things forward through to the finish.

Work Them kicks off at Kraak from 11PM through till 4AM this Friday night into Saturday morning, and admission on the door is just £5 all night. Alternatively, you can grab a ticket on Skiddle in advance. Either way, let us know you're coming or direct any questions to our Facebook event.

Either way, wrap up warm and make your way to the floor.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Work Them at Kraak with John Loveless, Dan Coultas and Patrick Ryder (Piccadilly Records)

Work Them returns to it's original home, Kraak, for a no-nonsense, eclectic dance floor party on Friday February 14th. If you need to remember the date, it's also basically exactly the middle of the month, right?

Your usual John Loveless will be joined by new Work Them pal Dan Coultas, not to mention Piccadilly Records' own Patrick Ryder. As one of the dance music buyers at the North's finest record shop, in many ways, Patrick is the unassuming gatekeeper of solid, worthy grooves. Anyone that caught him playing with John and Stop Making Sense on New Years Eve at Islington Mill will attest to his superior selections, as indeed will anyone whose wandered into Piccadilly Records itself. And if you haven't, here he is in action for The Vinyl Factory last year, picking some largely local favourites...

Patrick will also have a mix ready for us next week in anticipation of the evening's entertainment, but in the meantime, following on from December's somewhat more melancholy tinged selection, John Loveless gets back in the dancefloor driver's seat with the usual hour and a bit of recent picks, featuring Paranoid London, Eat India Youth, Legowelt and even some mystery musical meat... Available as a free download below.

We kick off at 11PM on 14/2, at Kraak, just off Stevenson Square, and gwan till 4. It's just £5 OTD all night long, and we'll be putting a few tickets on Skiddle before the night itself too. You can let us know you're coming on Facebook, and follow Work Them on Twitter.

See you on the floor.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Work Them into 2014

Hello, and a very belated Happy New Year from Work Them. We had an incredible time at Islington Mill on New Year's Eve for their Future Party, as anyone who stuck with us and Stop Making Sense gone 6AM (and Lord knows plenty of you did), will attest. You can see some photos of the interplanetary debauchery, courtesy of Preston is my Paris, right here.

We have a few firm plans for 2014, and a few looser ones too, some of which are something of a departure. That starts with the first Work Them party proper of 2014, at Kraak Gallery, 15th February, from 11PM-4AM... More details to come soon. In the meantime, John Loveless plays his monthly residency at Kosmonaut this Friday, 17th January, from 9PM. It's free, and you can find him in the basement. It's not as ominous as it sounds.

Credit to Natalie Dunning for the poster, as per. See you on the floor.

Monday, 16 December 2013

The Work Them Festive Season

Seasons Greetings, from Work Them HQ...

First of all, a big, unreserved thanks to anyone who's made it to any of our parties and shows this year, and a special thanks to anyone who came and made Mister Saturday Night feel very welcome in Manchester last month. A properly inspiring evening. Beyond MSN, we've had Fort Romeau, Auntie Flo and James Booth all guest for us this year, and it's been brilliant hosting all of them. There's more to come in 2014, and we'll be doing a few things a little differently too.

However, before then, there's two rapid fire parties that you're cordially invited to attend.

First of all, our gift to you, the Work Them Xmas Party. John Loveless takes his usual Kosmonaut residency and faces the DJ’s nightmare of ‘Mad Friday’ (20th December: forewarning) head on with a no-dickheads, no-requests policy, plus, free Eggnog and mince pies. We’ve also arranged for some special guest DJ friends to drop in like Bowie knocking on Crosby, armed with the universal gifts of disco, house, pop, boogie and some sharp sounding seasonal surprises. We'll be starting from 8PM, finishing up at 1, and it's completely free.

Click our acidically festive poster for all the details on Facebook. Credit to Natalie Dunning, as per.

Then, on New Year's Eve, we're proper proud to be part of Islington Mill's 'Future Party', which promises to answer questions such as 'what does the future hold', 'will the banking system collapse and capitalism die?' and 'Will the Jetson's finally arrive and eradicate cars for hovercraft aeroplanes?', through the interprative medium of a big, banging party. 

We'll be taking over Room 3 with musical soul brothers and Common regulars Stop Making Sense, upstairs with an endless sunset. Expect NYE party records you love, some fresh shit and as the night wears on, an unapologetic house and techno strobe lit pummelling. If you get bored of us, local heroes Faktion, Ping Pong Club, Tranarchy and more will be on hand, accompanied by some sincerely out there visuals and other future-haul paraphernalia. If you're off anywhere NYE, make it t'Mill.

Earlybird tickets are still available at the time of writing, at just £15. Based on previous years, this will sell out. Get on it.

If you get a moment to duck out of the pure cheer of the season, then the latest Work Them mix might be for you. '4 After Club Use Only', mixed live by John Loveless is an hour of some of the best understated and emotional records of 2013, designed with a late bus home in mind. Features Bibio, Not Waving, Daniel Avery, Julia Holter and more on a free download, slow moving tip.

Otherwise, we don't see you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Incoming Party Update - Mister Saturday Night!

This Friday at Soup Kitchen, it's time for Mister Saturday Night at Work Them. Straight out of Brooklyn, Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin (collectively known as 'This Mister'), have been hosting some of New York's finest parties, tailored perfectly and with some of the finest guests known to man. Playing an almost possibly broad range of dance music, uncovered classics and surprises, MSN hark back to an inclusive, golden age of clubbing whilst always looking forward. Just take a listen to this recent recording of the last ever 'Mister Sunday' party, outdoors at Gowanus Grove for a taste of what you might expect. And if we can conjure even a slice of the sheer joy and energy of this recording on Friday night, we're in for a good one...

You can also read an interview with The Mister right now over on Skiddle, if you want to get a better feel for the party. Alternatively, just come down and get moving. The doors open at 11PM, with Work Them's John Loveless on warm up duties and then The Mister getting settled into an extended set sometime after 12.

Tickets are online now at just £6 each at both Skiddle and Resident Advisor, depending on your inclination.

Tickets are also just £6 (plus minor booking fee) at both Piccadilly Records and Eastern Bloc in town, for those of you planning on perusing records, or sipping coffee or both. If you're visiting the former, we've left a handy reminder on the wall...

On the night, it will be £8 before 12 and £10 afterwards. Please get down early, for both musical and capacity purposes. See you on the floor!

Saturday, 26 October 2013


Hello, hope you're well, and welcome to the Autumn Work Them News Blog. Some stuff is going down, literally and on this page, so listen up, gather round, get involved, keep on scrollin'.

Work Them and Soup Kitchen are delighted to be able to team up to present a very special evening in the company of Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin, DJs and promoters of perhaps New York's finest party, Mister Saturday Night.

An all-encompassing, genre free party focused on music and community in the classic New York mould, Mister don't bring their style just anywhere, which is why it's a privilege to host them in the basement of Soup Kitchen. Their stateside parties, whether in the early hours at a Brooklyn loft or the summer sunshine of their weekly Mister Sunday block parties, have attracted a devoted, eclectic following of locals and dance pilgrims.
Meanwhile, the Mister Saturday Night label is just seven releases deep, but has impacted sound systems and record collections internationally, showcasing the likes of Dark Sky, Alex Burkat, and of course, Anthony Naples, whose 'Mad Disrespect' has been a deck rushing Work Them fixture throughout 2013.
Guests at Mister Saturday Night have included Caribou, Todd Terje, Greg Wilson, Optimo, Joy Orbison and Four Tet, but with a firm focus on the resident DJs. Justin and Eamon are simply two of the best around, as this recording from Mister Sunday back in June does more than enough to prove...
Mister Saturday Night will be performing an extended set until close with support from our own John Loveless early doors.

Tickets are £8 in advance and £10 on the door. We realise/feel vaguely uncomfortable about this being a little more than usual at Work Them, but this is something we really wanted to make (and nearly didn't) happen, not to mention, MSN will be playing for between three and four hours, so you'll really be able to lock in to what will no doubt be a fucking stellar selection of records that have crossed the Atlantic ocean. They're even bringing their own mixer, if not their own outdoor dance grove.

What's more, we do have some limited £6 only tickets available here on Skiddle, or if you like, also here on RA. These will not be around too long, then it's £8/10, so surrender to the possibility of discount whilst there's still time!


Once you're all done with 2 hours of MSN at their best, you can download and catch up with the John Loveless Work Them Autumn 2013 Mix, described (by John, obviously) as "deviating from the usual warm up with an hour of some frenetic, fucked up club material with the occasional poignant moment." Mixed live and drunk on a dying controller for express rawness. 

John will be representing Work Them at an upcoming event next month, the rather directly titled Love Boobs, Hate Cancer in aid of Breast Cancer Care, and featuring a line up of disco fiends and pals including Ste Spandex and Metrodome, who incidentally, go back to back on the latest, stonking Wet Play release. Details can be found here. You're bound to here some mad records for a top cause, and the sound system upstairs at Odder is surprisingly strong to boot.

So that' us. Direct any queries towards the Facebook event and otherwise, see you on the floor

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Soup Kitchen and Night Fantasy

A quick, unusually waffle free bulletin from your friends at Work Them. After our supremely satisfying party with Huntleys & Palmers last month, we're back, kicking it midweek from next Thursday 26th September at 10:30PM, at our usual spot below Soup Kitchen. It's just £4 in advance or before Midnight, or £5 after and it'll be business as usual, A no bullshit discotheque drawing on discoveries both fresh and classic, expect forward thinking dancefloor noise on a bed of out there pop, funk and disco, plus plenty of surprises. No foam machines, no photographers, no awkward live PAs. Full Disclosure; No Disclosure. 

Before that, we're partnering with our pals at Melodic Records for another intimate party in the basement of Kosmonaut, now officially titled 'Night Fantasy', and as well as John Loveless, Andy and Alex of Melodic and Chris Egan of Tusk, our special guest with be James Booth. Back in the days when James was better known as Kiosque (July), he played live for us and since has released his fantastic debut LP for 100% Silk. He'll be digging into his ample wax collection for Night Fantasy, which you can revisit in his previous Work Them mix below.. It's free in and "the fun starts at 8." Credit to Natalie Dunning as usual for both amazing posters, we have a couple spare to give away at each night so just tap the door hound and ask nicely.

And as a reward for your willing absorption of details, here are some current recorded favourites you might well expect to hear at both...

See you on the floor!