Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sounds From The Other City & April Mixtape

After a brief hiatus, Work Them returns to host an Islington Mill afterparty for Sounds From The Other City, taking you through until the early hours after a day of fantastic new music, and featuring a line up of DJs as fresh and eclectic as the festival itself. Admission is free with a Sounds From The Other City wristband, which allows you access to our little soiree as well as a record eleven other stages across the river in Salford, brought you by promoters such as Underachievers, Mind On Fire, Trash-O-Rama and more! 

Acts Include But Are Not Limited To!
  • Walls
  • Dam Mantle
  • Loney Dear
  • Keep Shelley In Athens
  • This Many Boyfriends
  • Molly Nillson
  • Patterns
  • Islet
  • 100% Beefcock!!!
It’s like the most sonically enlightening pub crawl you’ve ever been on. The event has sold out in the past, so act fast!

First off, we’re very excited to welcome the 100% silky queen of modern weirdo pscyh disco, Miss Maria Minerva, upstairs at t'Mill for a DJ set after she’s finished off the Now Wave stage downstairs. One of the most unpredictable and individual new artists working in alternative/dance/experimental/lo-fi/whatever music today, and she’ll be bringing a stack of records focused on pure groove. Creator of some real, “What’s This?!” on rotation at Work Them, check out her excellent FACT mix - the appropriately subtitled ‘Living in Ecstasy’ for an idea of what to expect from Miss MM.

Deeper, darker, heavier and weirder more, we’re also joined for the latter part of the party by creature of the night and one of Manchester’s finest producers, The Countach. Once promising ‘an original techno anthem to inspire the troops’, in the meantime, The Count has expertly crafted some of the most memorable techno of recent times, with tracks such as ‘Melvin Never Made It’, and several strange and wonderful edits for the likes of Abba and Queen. Probably uncommissioned, we must admit. As well as this, he also runs Fallowfield’s extra sweaty Countach Club, a sort of Friday night community rave project that has lured some great guests. Whilst only a glimpse into his untame musical mind, here’s a recent ‘5 Songs You Must Hear This Week’ as requested by paid-up Countach fanboy Erol Alkan to get you started...

Victories at Sea are one of the most potentially powerful new bands in the UK, a Birmingham cross breed between Factory Floor and New Order, presenting their full throttle live show earlier on in the day over at Underachievers stage, save them travelling back down the M6 on a Bank Holiday, they’ll be sticking around to play some tunes and be merry with us. We’ll be honest, we anticipate tunes that sound a bit like Factory Floor or New Order, but they could be big Rick Ross enthusiasts for all we know.

In between our special guests, we’ll be keeping it going with our usual mix of tunes for the booty shakers and the beard strokers, from dubbed out disco, weirdo indie classics, charismatic techno to oddball house and pop. Who knows what to expect in our ongoing quest to establish the link between Edywn Collins and Flying Lotus, but boy, you’d better get set for cowbells!

As promised you can reacquaint yourself with our style and pizazz, with this April’s Work Them mixtape, a downloadable one hour odyssey through our worthy flavours of the month, including tracks from Chromatics, Burial, New Build, Midland and more... Our last mixtape had over 500 listens, so thanks for the support, and we hope to see you at the Mill. Pace yourselves... x