Friday, 16 November 2012

SMS takeover.

We're very much looking forward to tomorrow night at our new basement, Q Cavern and we're happy to have Seb from Stop Making Sense lending a hand. In anticipation of tomorrow, he's put together a little playlist of the stuff he's been playing out, from hypnotic electronic to inappropriate house, we're sure you'll enjoy it.

Work Them
Q Cavern
Newton Street
17th November

See you soon. x

Joe- Studio Power ON


I think Joe is a vastly underrated producer. I'm a huge fan of the way his samples are so crass and seem cheaply placed over the track like some 90s clip art. I guess that's his main skill though his tracks are sparse and he manages to balance them so well that the end result is totally fantastic. Check out all his shit.

 Mike Dunn-Phreaky MF

 Smutty house vocals really do it for me, if a track is talking about how someone is going to shit on another whilst holding their large ____ I instantly buy it up.... I once played this record at one of the NQs street parties at about 6pm, apparently there were young children running around.....I feel.....ashamed.

 Discrete unit- Shake Your Body Down

This came out a couple of years ago.... I still can’t get enough of the bass hook.

 Kassim Mosse- untitled A

 I am a regular attendant to the night meandyou and those guys really got me switched on to the workshop crew. I saw Kassim Mosse play live this summer it was awesome, I’m pretty sure I didn’t say a word throughout his whole set. This is a stunning opus of a track, full on journey.

 Marcel Fengler- Friction

 I used to be really into all this Ostgut style techno and made frequently pilgrimages to Berlin. I remember when I first started going out an dancing to 'harder' music how I used to just get super locked into the groove and get fixated on all the subtle changes in the tracks……this isn’t the track I wanted to post…. But I think it’s a pretty decent example of what I’m getting at.

SMS has been going for just over 5 years now. In that time we've played host to guests from Pangaea to Mike Simmonetti to ...and you will know us by the trail of dead. I think that mix of those artists pretty much well sums up the night, it's meant to be fun with an anything goes music policy that doesn’t take it's self all too seriously. To celebrate our 5th birthday we are having belated a party next Thursday (22nd) at Common.  As we are  turning 5 we plan to have cake, party bags and fancy dress. You are all invited with open arms.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Work Them at Q Cavern + New Basement Mixtape

After two months worth of sweat and sellout crowds at Soup Kitchen, Work Them shifts up the road but keeps it down in the basement with a night at Manchester's coolest and strangest new venue, Q Cavern.

You wouldn't suspect that this unassuming jerk chicken mini-mecca could make for such a great party, but Q Cavern is fast gaining a deserved reputation amongst those in the know, and we're delighted to bring you another night of weird and wonderful body music below Newton Street. If you've yet to sample Q, we'll be waiting with new discoveries, current groovers and records that still sound as fresh as any from the worlds of disco, psychedelia, post-punk, house, experimental, bass and more. Willing feet and broad minds required. 

As per, you can find all the details and RSVP at our Facebook event here.

To celebrate in our usual fashion we've released a special new Nyce and Slow mixtape, mixed live by our John, and designed to give you a feel for the early hours of Work Them. It's a a low-tempo but big impact 45 minute mix for you, dear potential punter/Work Them convertee, which happily gels alt-rock, slow ass acid and weird pop. Tracklist after the jump and a download link on the way.

Don't forget to have a gander around our Mixcloud for more furtively mixed mixtape nuggets.


Maria Minerva with LA Vampires - Seasons Change
Orange Juice - Rip It Up (Dicky Trisco Edit)
Venice Beach - Da Mind
Mock & Toof - My Head
Dead Rose Music Company - Your Kisses
Matthew Dear - Her Fantasy
Homework - Spinning Top
Daniel Avery - The Eagle
Wooden Shjips - Crossing (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
Walls - Into Our Midst (Capracara Remix)
JETS - Sin Love With You