Thursday, 27 September 2012

Work Them returns... again

First thing's first... A massive thankyou to all of you who made it down to the bowels (not bowls) of Soup last weekend for the first edition of Work Them 'by night' in quite a while. Any by all of you, I do really mean all of you, as we had a total sell out event on our hands. So as well as a big thanks to everyone who kept dancing until the end, and for not making a single shite request along the way, a big apology to anybody who couldn't make it in. Fortunately, you'll have another chance, but you'll need to move quick sharp. Work Them returns on Saturday October 13th to Soup Kitchen once more, for another throwdown of full bodied alternative and electronic music for the body and mind, but be warned, this is no victory lap. We've got plenty more where that came from - more grooves, more fuzz, more weird stuff, more liberal use of the strobe light and smoke machine. No fuss, no muss, so see you down there? It's just £4 in before midnight, and only £5 after. This event follows on directly from Now Wave's PINS headline show, so come find us and we'll see if we can cut you a deal should you want to stick around.

You can find the poster below - click for the Facebook event - and then scroll for a quick video playlist of some choice tunes that those in attendance appeared to enjoy. For a more comprehensive, but hopefully not too conclusive idea of that Work Them sound, drop by our Mixcloud for a history of streaming live mixes. There's more of them to come too, as well as a few other features and interviews.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Work Them at Soup Kitchen

As promised, Work Them returns this month to a brand new venue that'll really allow us to take it up a gear, down in the basement of Soup Kitchen. If you've never had the chance to visit, you're in for a great party. And we don't use the term party lightly. It's the perfect setting for five hours of weird and wonderful body music with minimal but effective disco lights, dubious enclaves and chatty communal unisex toilets. Oh, and a great soundsystem and a typically up for it crowd. Just in case communal toilets aren't enough to convince you to part with £4*. That's right, less than a premium jacket potato in many of the UK's top chain retailers. Ladies and gentlemen, this is hype.

Credit to Natalie Dunning for our crisp poster, as well as all our other artwork.

To celebrate, and also because it just seems like the sensible thing for a still relatively fresh club night, we've produced an hour of music mixed and mastered to give you an idea of jus what to expect down there. Entitled Work Them's Somewhat Esssential Mix #2 and is the sequel to last year's mix, stil available on our own Mixcloud archive. Held together with a more four the floor style reflective of what to expect now we found ourselves below ground level (where things get deep, yo), you'll still find an eclectic hour of music covering a wide range of edits of artists and producers from Zomby to Kate Bush, Nicolas Jaar to Bob Sinclair, some chopped up, beefed out or rearranged, some nestling comfortably in their original form. Listening atmosphere suggestions include a Metrolink at sunset without a ticket, a hungover shower or with a girl you want to impress. If you suspect she may be impressed by Andrew Weatherall remixes, therefore rendering her a keeper.

 The mix is also available as a free download with a quick visit to our Facebook event page here, which contains everything you need to know, but, in short...

10:30PM - 3:30AM