Sunday, 20 November 2011

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Whilst our last post dealt mainly with nerds on keyboards, we now wish to encompass the other end of the spectrum... nerds with guitars. Of course, guitars and keyboards are occasionally seen collaborating side by side, but in recent times, keyboards have begun to distance themselves from their stringed associates, with a Casio source (who did not wish to be named) citing them as "square" and predicting a long spell of absence to allow both parties to move on with "all that shit that happened with Brother/Viva Brother." However, some recent unions still manage to hold this delicate truce in balance.

K-X-P are a Finnish duo who fall, seemingly voluntarily, under the genre of 'electro-rock', and, no seriously keep reading. They make super rythmic cosmic-guitar music that reminds us of both The Fall and Wooden Shjips in part, but with a more concious 'party' element bubbling under the surface at all times. They were one of the last acts fortunate enough to play touchstone Glasgow clubnight, Optimo, who also remixed them.

Their debut album recieved a fair few plaudits, including a 7.8 by Pitchfork, dontcha know. Then again, that same review also praises the 'Gary Glitter style drums', which might be why the band had slipped under so many music press radars this past 18 months. Regardless, the group have just released a fresh new EP, 'Easy', which hopefully won't go so unnoticed, if justice is done (for K-XP that is, not Gary.) We'll certainly be banging it out. Catch the short and sharp clip below.

Now also seems like a good time to mention the blistering new single from Factory Floor, Two Different Ways, which needs not much more attention at this point, but well, is proper fucking good. Unlike previous, also fucking good releases, on their DFA debut Factory Floor focus more exclusively on the elements of Detroit-techno driving their dancey post-punk setup, and deliver a real head-spinner by it's near 10 minute conclusion. James Murphy must have been thrilled to sign a record that sound like Liquid Liquid retouched by the brothers Dewaele, and takes you all the way up, and all the way back down again, and then all the way up once more... Why, watching the video, you'd wonder what sort of state Factory Floor had in mind for this record... 

Finally, we draw your ears to The Soft Moon's 'Alive.' If 'K-X-P' sound like a mid-American soft rock station founded in the mid 1980s, then 'The Soft Moon' sound like the sort of new-romantic shit they'd undoubtedly be airing. Perhaps not one for Martin Kemp, The Soft Moon represent the 126th release on Brooklyn's Captured Tracks recordings, a label synonymous this year with putting out records that are exclusively designed for wandering around the summer countryside and city parks in a melancoly/drunken/stoned haze. Unfortunately, I have stifling hay fever, so hooray for this from their winter collection - 4 tracks of moody, throbbing, rythmic and surprisingly industrial cuts. The highlight, and the only one featuring a suitably strange vocal contribution is 'Alive', just below.

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