Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sounds From The Other All Over

We're delighted to let you know that both Work Them mixtapes so far are now compiled for infinite streaming over on Mixcloud, where they even come complete with tracklisting as standard, plus a full catalogue of all the labels they feature on, which we hope at least a few of you will appreciate and find useful. It's really important to ensure you buy records after because DJs on the internet have told you to do so having obtained them through more dubious means. They didn't close down Wikipedia for nothing.

It is 2 weeks now until the next Work Them featuring London's mind-boggling and enigmatic young master of experimental electronica, patten. Look out for flyers over the next few weeks, or visit the Facebook event page and let us know you're coming, which you most definitely are, right? Tickets are available in advance for £4, which is just 80 pence per quality hour of music.

Speaking of music, that's what we're all about, lest you forget admist other waffle - and we've been doing our fair share of that too. For example, here's a little interview we did for Sounds From The Other City, which we're extremely pleased to be a part of this year. We've more details to follow, but the ticket and line up launch party for the event, which typically combines the best of both a Salford bar crawl and a new music festival, is this Tuesday 24th January, at Deansgate's cosy Gaslamp. And we'll be there, spinning records, as well as the opportunity to buy limited earlybird tickets at just £14.

We've also got a few bookings of our own, live and behind the decks, that we're very excited about over the coming months, but in the meantime, here's some new records you can expect to hear at Kraak on February 3rd.

Hans Peter Lindstrom has returned with his latest LP, the curiously titled 'Six Cups of Rebel'. Best known for his chugging disco remixes, his new, and somewhat gloriously unfashionable new work, deals more than ever in psych and prog but is nonetheless full of his usual disco shimmer. Check out one of the several highlights above.

Many Matthe Dear fan shed a silent, but dicussion forum extolled tear when Matthew Dear began to leave behind the likes of Audion to indulge his experimental pop and dance sensibilities, as heard on 2010's superlative 'Black City'. So God knows what they'd make of this new collaboration from the new Headcage EP on his own Ghostly Records, and a taster for the full LP follow up, featuring Jonny Pierce of Smiths inspired/contrived indie pop lads The Drums. Whilst no fans here at Work Them Towers, Pierce's voice is perfect on this 3.5 minute slice of looped hip-pop, which retains the atmosphere and perfect rhythm that Dear has become best known for. More please.

Like our old pal Maria Minerva, DIY songstress Molly Nillson creates melancholy, witty dance pop, ambient and disco that are a gift for a warm up DJ or those after a night out in. Her fourth album, 'History' is out now, and is highly recommended if you enjoy the above. If you get round to listening to those first three albums from Sweden before we do, let us know what to check out.

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