Thursday, 1 March 2012

Work Them Chart Mixtape - March 2012

Our new mixtape for March 2012 features the toast of what's been entertaining our collective ears lately, and what to expect from the night itself. Following a 45 minute trail of alternative dance and weirdo indie, expect contributions from Todd Terje with the irresistible 'Inspector Norse', Errors euphoric post-rock on 'Pleasure Palaces', and future-thinking hip hop from the likes of Lapalux and Evian Christ. There's also an accidental Whitney Houston tribute guaranteed to tear up anybody's sad Aunt. The mix is downloadable for a limited time, and available on our Soundcloud below, and soon at our dedicated Mixcloud account, which is also a permanent home all of our previous mixes.

We hope you enjoy it.

The next edition of Work Them takes place on March 9th, at Kraak Gallery off Stevenson Square, and features a live performance from Halls one of the best new alternative electronic bands in the UK. Their recent EP, 'Fragile' has been gaining plaudits from critics and new music lovers all over, and we're delighted to bring their full live performance to Manchester. Support comes from a DJ set by co-promoters for the evening, Grey Lantern, and after the band, we'll be keeping it going until Kraak gives up the ghost for tne night,. What to expect? A mind expanding and pulse racing mix of everything from shoegaze and psych to future thinking electronica, all dashed with leftfield pop and club classics for the beard strokers, the booty shakers and the awkward ravers.

For full details and tickets for just £4 in advance, register at the Facebook event. We hope to see you at the show and on the floor.

Also, producers, bands, and so forth... We're always looking for exciting new tracks and releases, for our chart mixes, live bookings, and some sort of potential beyond. If you're reckon you've got something we might like, email it over to workthemclub at g mail dot com. But of course, we never really want to know just what we like...

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