Sunday, 1 July 2012

Afternoon Delight & Summer Mixtape

Hello, nice catching up. It's all been a bit quiet on the blog front as of late, but fear not, the Work Them cogs are turning and things are coming together. A few of said things, we're pleased to be able to tell you about right now.

Currently, we're going to ride out the drizzly dusk of Manchester's summer scene and come back with more proper parties in September, which will incorporate guest DJs, a few live acts and the same sound but different as usual. In the meantime, to keep us alive in hearts and minds, we're making our presence felt in various bars and basements for the meantime.

First of all, we're pleased to announce that Work Them's director of sonics and flyer-size, John Thorp, will be undertaking a new residency on the last Saturday of each month at the ubiquitous Deaf Institute, between the Aquatics centre and the kebab shops of Manchester's contrived Southern Quarter. From 3PM to 9PM, expect a set that transitions fluidly from an afternoon laze around to a pre-night out drink-up, taking in ambient electronica, psychedelic edits, warped hip-hop, laid back disco and hypnotic shoegaze. Given that we've six hours to fill, we'll also be inviting down some very special guests over the coming months, often taking the advantage of the daylight streaming in to play the sort of music you might not expect...

As well as the speaker output, The Deaf Institute (AKA, 'The Deaf', AKA, 'The Deafy', AKA, 'The Wes Institute'), will be serving it's fine selection of craft ales and impressive cocktails, to match the mood. Also encouraged are zines, mixtape swaps, crafts, t-shirt printing and readings. This gives us a broad remit, so if any of you have any ideas of something matching but beyond the musical realm to match, do get in touch. After all, this is your event. Actually, no, it's ours, but there's no better company than like minded souls.

We'll be compiling an accompanying Spotify playlist for the event to enjot at your leisure, and whilst our edition is not for a month or so at the time of writing, the series launches with our pals Dr. Me this Saturday the 7th July, whose are fine designers and DJs to boot.

Meanwhile, we've a summer tinged mix to download and stream over at Mixcloud here. We've previously been advocates of Soundcloud, but they didn't seem to want this one as apparently the new Major Lazer track featured, and is particularly copyright protected. This is particularly stupid as not only did I customarily lay some wonky electro-jazz chords over the end of it anyway, but it was a free giveaway. I tell you kids, it wasn't like this back with Freeserve. Anyway, do enjoy it, and some of our favourite tracks this year from the likes of Slow Magic, Romare and Trevino.

Natural nger at Diplo notwithstanding, we've some great stuff planned, so thanks for your time, see you for some Afternoon Delight. x

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