Monday, 28 January 2013

Work Them and Tusk present... Hands Up For Heartbreak

Work Them returns this February for a one-off party for our disco friends, featuring our esteemed pals Tusk in dual control behind the decks, navigating with a lightness of touch through five hours of alternative and electronic music for the body and mind, from weird dubbed out disco, pop re-edits, jackin' house and the odder end of techno.

What's more, we'll be nipping back across Stevenson Square to our original home, Kraak. Over the past year, Kraak has evolved into a perfect space for parties, hosting racocous shindigs from the likes of Wet Play and Off The Hook, all with increasingly refined and ample toilet facilities. We're coming back for one more to take advantage of these developments, and also keep it moving under the venue's camoflague office roof, the perfect meld of the corporate world and the Krypton Factor.

To give you an idea of what to expect from us, take a listen to this month's Work Them mix, the return of our Seasonal Affective Disco, an early doors, nightbus medley featuring original, remixes and re-edits from the likes of Jai Paul, Magic Touch, The XX, Legowelt and Melody's Echo Chamber, we hope to get you out on the long nights and onto the dancefloor.

In the midst of Valentine season, expect an evening of alternative and electronic music designed tocure your soul and jack your body, a unique paean to love's labour lost through the medium of disco, weird pop, house and whatever else takes our fancy on the decks. This Valentines weekend, cancel that  Bella Italia reservation, tape over that Katherine Heigel romcom and stop carving your love spoons - come dance yourself clean.
Free download available at the link.

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