Friday, 1 March 2013

Work Them March Top 10 - Part 1

Music. There's an absolute load of it nowadays, more than one man, even the men at Work (Them) could hope to consume. Fortunately, the pushier sorts like ourselves are happy to compile it into lists and present it to people on blogs. Is this a good thing? How do you source your music nowadays? Given the tyranny of choice, who are the real tastemakers left to front for the industry? And do those in the limited yay or naysayer roles crush the dreams of the creator and narrow the mind of the fan? Will they kill the HMV dog? And how? All things to consider whilst you work your way through Part 1 of Work Them's Top 10 records for March 2013, as carefully selected by John AKA, John Loveless AKA, Thor Jones, AKA, JT Chasez.

Helpfully, these are all records you can expect to hear down in the basement of Soup Kitchen at our next party with the amazing Fort Romeau on March 15th. All the details here. If you enjoy these, expect another five from the other half of Work Them this week, and find more music we like and details we consider to be of note at our Soundcloud and Twitter. We feel it's a way of us being in your life that works for both parties.

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