Monday, 24 June 2013

Kiosque - From Hulme To Chicago

With less than two weeks to go, we're very excited about our next live special guest at Work Them, which is saying something given that he's yet to even release a single sound. So here's the scoop.

Earlier this year, yours truly attended the psychedelic Maria Minerva show at Kraak. It were a chilly night way back in late winter - arguments about Disclosure were more infrequent, friends and associates would still occasionally say 'YOLO' for comic effect, and the good club and gig loving folk of Manchester held strong and ploughed through a seemingly endless winter with a seemingly equally endless supply of drugs and alcohol. Oh well, YOLO.

After Minerva had finished one of her typically weird but exciting sets, I spied the DJ playing it strong, playing it all night long, and not immediately recognising him thought, "Hey, who's this jerk?!" Filled with righteous indignation towards this mystery selector, I marched over to the booth, furious, and said, "Hey man, cool set. Who's this by?"

"Oh this?", he responded. "This is one of mine." I told him, with a sincerity I hadn't expected to conjure, that it was really good, that it sounded like something that might come out on 100% Silk. "Oh cool", said the man known as Kiosque. "I've actually signed to 100% Silk." And on that dark winter night, tentative plans for a gig were born.

Work Them has somewhat gravitated to 100% Silk releases (and guests) since our conception, with tunes by the likes of Magic Touch and Ital becoming inadvertent floor fillers. Kiosque's music, or what we've heard of it, gravitates in a similar direction to their output thus far - warm, strange, both euphoric and melancholy and even faintly poppy. His upcoming live set on Saturday July 6th is going to be an all analogue affair to compliment our usual DJ sets, and the mysterious Hulme resident has put together an all vinyl taster mix featuring some of his favourite records as well as a selection of his own material. You can hear and download it below.

Further details can be found at our Facebook, and you can buy advance tickets at just £4 from Skiddle. See you on the floor?

And don't forget, our semi-sort of spin-off Still Going can be found in the basement of The Deaf Institute, each Sunday from 9PM-1AM, although last week's jackin' session with the one and only Ste Spandex extended beyond that. Not band for a Sunday buzz. Upcoming guests include John Doran of The Quietus, Trash-O-Rama, Dance Lady Dance, Ghosting Season and more... And it's always free.

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