Monday, 18 November 2013

Incoming Party Update - Mister Saturday Night!

This Friday at Soup Kitchen, it's time for Mister Saturday Night at Work Them. Straight out of Brooklyn, Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin (collectively known as 'This Mister'), have been hosting some of New York's finest parties, tailored perfectly and with some of the finest guests known to man. Playing an almost possibly broad range of dance music, uncovered classics and surprises, MSN hark back to an inclusive, golden age of clubbing whilst always looking forward. Just take a listen to this recent recording of the last ever 'Mister Sunday' party, outdoors at Gowanus Grove for a taste of what you might expect. And if we can conjure even a slice of the sheer joy and energy of this recording on Friday night, we're in for a good one...

You can also read an interview with The Mister right now over on Skiddle, if you want to get a better feel for the party. Alternatively, just come down and get moving. The doors open at 11PM, with Work Them's John Loveless on warm up duties and then The Mister getting settled into an extended set sometime after 12.

Tickets are online now at just £6 each at both Skiddle and Resident Advisor, depending on your inclination.

Tickets are also just £6 (plus minor booking fee) at both Piccadilly Records and Eastern Bloc in town, for those of you planning on perusing records, or sipping coffee or both. If you're visiting the former, we've left a handy reminder on the wall...

On the night, it will be £8 before 12 and £10 afterwards. Please get down early, for both musical and capacity purposes. See you on the floor!

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